The Entrepreneurial Spirit Behind Paths & Pages

Dubbed a “child-whisperer” at a young age, Ashley officially launched her first “Summer Camp” in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1999 (in her parent’s front yard) when she was just 10-years-old. 


Not only does she have a penchant for helping people, she also has an absolute gift when it comes to conjuring up creative & imaginative ways to inspire mindfulness in everyone who crosses her path. 


Ashley has consistently used this special gift throughout her life, working with kids of all ages for more than two decades.

Her specialty is the way she genuinely connects with (& fully understands) a child’s unique viewpoint: motivating them to trust themselves to be seen & heard in the world. 


She graduated from college in 2011, where she created her college’s first At-Risk Youth Mentoring Program & coordinated the Summer Orientation Program for all incoming families. After graduation, Ashley utilized her degree & experience at several non-profits & advertising agencies on the east coast: focusing primarily on youth-related programs. In addition to these corporate roles, Ashley continued to spread her gift across the east coast as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Camp Counselor, Youth Softball Coach, Community Mentor, Tutor & Violin Instructor. 


Ashley made a bold move to Los Angeles in 2015 to fully develop the Paths & Pages concept & curriculum.

When she arrived, she landed a job directing & growing a large outdoor-play-based youth program in Santa Monica (for several years). It was through this experience that Ashley felt called to create a program to incorporate more than just play.


What kids really needed was a program to fully support their social & emotional development: a place where kids would learn tools to recognize & nurture their own unique emotions & gifts.


Ashley began to develop a curriculum focused on Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) to achieve these goals: utilizing mindfulness practices, reflective writing, creative expression, meaningful discussion, and explorative outdoor play. 


Using all she's cultivated along the way, Ashley also pursued certification as a Youth Mindfulness Instructor, Breathwork Instructor, Wilderness Guide & Shinrin-Yoku Instructor.  She bought “Penny,” the program’s first official van and then all that was left was coming up with a name for this magical new idea…


She woke up in the middle of the night and wrote “Paths & Pages” on a post-it note next to her bed. It was perfect.


"Paths" for all the kids who will uncover their own unique “life path” (as they hike actual paths in nature & generate new neural paths in their brains) &"Pages" for all the kids who will cultivate their own unique “life story” (as they fill actual pages in their journals & generate a new guidebook for their lives)


The rest is history:

Paths & Pages, a Nature-Based Mindfulness Program for Kids, officially launched in April 2018 & has been growing ever since.


Ashley’s favorite part of guiding the mighty P&P tribe is being able to spend her life helping people she loves.


Her goal is to keep empowering kids (& their families) to re-connect with their inner selves, each other, and the earth.


Paths & Pages will continue to expand throughout Los Angeles and beyond! 




Scott Cvetkovski is a Social & Emotional Learning & Development Teacher at New Roads School and Founder & Reiki Master of One Heart Way, a non-profit that uses alternative medicine to help people who need it most. Originally from the east coast, where his family owns & operates a successful Martial Arts Studio, Scott grew up working with kids and is a 4th-degree black belt in Karate. He has his Masters of Science in Executive Leadership and Change as well as a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Scott is an Author & Consultant in Sports Leadership & Emotional Intelligence, and working with kids is his biggest passion. His goal this summer is to use his knowledge to help kids uncover the many mysteries of life.




Jamie Hubbs is an Artist & Wilderness Leader with nearly ten years experience supporting kids at summer camps, after-school programs, & youth groups. Originally from West LA, he spent his own childhood (Eagle Scout) exploring many of the locations we visit. Jamie is the founder & owner of Genius Drums, a small business focused on fabricating drums (one of our many mindfulness tools at Paths & Pages) & creating immersive art installations. He studied Social Ecology at UC Santa Cruz and his goal this summer is to bring creativity, emotional intelligence, and greater connection to nature into the world.

Image by Evan Dennis



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