Please share this packing list with your child and challenge them to help.

We want to establish independence and responsibility from the very beginning—

starting with accountability for their own things! 

Paths & Pages operates RAIN or SHINE

Please make sure your child is dressed accordingly!

*** For Fall/Winter Programs, Kids DO NOT need to pack a bathing suit & towel ***

-Please pack two face coverings (one to wear and an extra) as well as hand sanitizer (we have extras of both!)


-Wear comfy clothes and shoes (no flip flops or crocs) that you don’t mind getting dirty. Tennis shoes or hiking shoes are great (waterproof is better!) Some of us choose to be barefoot—that’s okay, too. 


-A hat and/or sunglasses will keep the sun off your face.  

-Sunscreen is especially important during the summer months. Please put it on before you get to the park & pack your own. We will remind you to re-apply in the afternoon, but please also have it on when you show up.

-Wear a bathing suit under your clothes (so you don't have to change in the wild).


-Pack an extra set of clothes for after.


-Pack a lightweight towel. Emphasis on LIGHTweight. 


-Please pack everything in a backpack that allows your hands to be free at all times. You'll need 'em for climbing! 


-A re-usable water bottle is best—easier for us to provide water refills & it's better for the earth!

-Lunch (for full-day program)—leak-proof, as waste-free as possible (no garbage cans in nature) & securely inside your backpack NOT SEPARATE! 

-Please pack a few healthy snacks. There is no eating in the van. DUE TO COVID-19, WE WILL NO LONGER PROVIDE A SNACK TO SHARE.  

-Pack a lightweight sweatshirt or a jacket even if you think you don't need it-- the temperature can change rapidly in the wild. 

-If it's raining, we will still be outside! Make sure you have a rain jacket, extra socks & waterproof shoes. 

-We're giving you your own Paths & Pages journal* and pen. Please bring this consistently to all programs. 

-Is there anything else you think you might need/want while you’re out in the wild?

A small bag for the treasures you might find, perhaps? A book to read in the van? 

Be creative! It's YOUR special day in the wild!  

Don't be scared of this next part. We can do it. 


-NO SCREENS! Please no cell phones/iPods/iPads/tablets/e-readers or anything in the "screen" categories. This includes mp3 players, headphones, air pods & portable speakers. We will have nature, ourselves, and our journals to communicate.


-If your child arrives with anything in this category, it will be taken by the counselor-on-duty and returned at the end of the session. 

If there is an emergency, there is a Counselor-On-Duty. Please keep in mind that our main priority is the safety and well-being of the group. We cannot always answer right away, but we will check for calls/texts periodically throughout the day. 

Questions about what to bring/what not to bring?

Email us or call (310) 351-5556