Mindful Kids Nature Camp Our Nature Van



Paths & Pages is unique because we're mobile-- every day is a special new adventure! 

Our nature van is part of the fun: allowing us to develop a close bond while we travel to beautiful places in the mountains, forests, canyons, beaches and beyond!

All our nature spots have been specially scouted and curated.


The location is different every. single. session.


So is the curriculum.

The kids choose the spot. Together we flow. 


Giving kids a role in the decision-making process develops their important sense of autonomy, encourages them to embrace challenges, and highlights the value of connection. 

All our activities are designed to hit age-appropriate milestones in a child's social and emotional development.



Meet at the Drop-Off location (30 min):

-Look for the big white nature van!

Opening Tribe Council Meeting (20-30 min): 

-Choose the day's location (we do not provide the location in advance, but we will drop a pin or send the address via text)

-Develop team rules and expectations 

Travel Together in our adventure van to selected location (20-90 min):

-Reflective writing opportunity & van games & stories

Arrive at Selected Location (15-30 min):

-Location overview (risk-assessment, awareness, sense of place, boundaries & expectations)

-Setup our "base camp"

​Free-Play with Guided Mindfulness Activities (30-60 min)

-Kids direct the flow of the day & pursue paths that interest them as our Tribe Leaders guide them through an unforgettable mindfulness experience

-Our curriculum is specially curated for each group & changes each session

Lunch / Snack (15-30 min)

-Everyone takes a break to eat, drink water & rest

-Re-apply sunscreen

-Group expectations & safety reminder 

Free Play with Guided Mindfulness Activities (30-60 min)

-Journal activity, reflective writing, group discussion 


Closing Meditation (15-30 min)

-Group comes together for guided meditation 

-After the experience, we de-brief in a formal group discussion circle

Closing Tribe Council Meeting (15-30 min)

-Reflection of the day

-Gratefulness activity

-Closing remarks

Return to the park for Pick-Up (25-90 min)

-Pick-up window is 30 minutes

We have a 5-minute grace period, then you will be charged $1 per minute for every minute late ​



General Well-Being

-Mindful Awareness & Guided Meditation

-Journaling & Reflective-Writing 

-Age-Appropriate Coping Tools for Stress & Anxiety


Connection to Self & Others

-Tribe Ceremonies & Rituals

-Trust & Relationship-Building

-Conscious Conversation & Guided Discussion

Creative Expression 

-Nature Arts & Crafts

-Improvised Drama, Music & Dance

-Writing & Storytelling

Wild Living

-Edible & Medicinal Plants

-Local Plant & Animal I.D.

-Land History & Geography

-Ecosystems & Natural Synergy

Outdoor Skills

-Wilderness Safety & Survival, Tending the Land & Fire-Building

-Maps & Basic Orienteering, Knife Training & Outdoor Cooking

Physical Health 

-Active Outdoor Play

-Hiking & Swimming

-Yoga, Movement, & Dance

-Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices 


Community Engagement & Social Justice

-Rotating Community Outreach Opportunities

*Every session is completely different. The skills listed above are general guidelines & are subject to change.