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Los Angeles Summer Camp Summer Programs Outdoor Adventures Mindfulness
Los Angeles Summer Camp Summer Programs Outdoor Adventures Mindfulness

Nature-BasedMindfulness Programs  for Kids 

​generating a shared sense of wonder, awareness & connectedness
co-creating a safe container for social, emotional & spiritual growth
inspiring a deep re-connection with inner self, each other & the earth
supporting the trials & tribulations of "just being a kid"
navigating life from a more balanced, mindful & heart-centered place 

TO: Paths  & Pages 



"Growing up in LA, it's such a powerful thing to build this connection to nature to keep you grounded. It is a huge gift for my kid. Thank you for making it so fun for him! I asked him tonight at dinner what he liked best about himself, & he said: 'I'm adventurous!'"

-Parent, Mindful Kids Program (Age 8)

"The letter my daughter wrote to me was so sweet & meaningful. It gave me the chills & brought tears to my eyes & we had a big hug & moment of understanding. This is just the kind of sweet accountability we need in relationships. We are so grateful for you & for Paths & Pages!"

-Parent, Narimaya Teen & Tween Girl Program (Age 11) 

"When I picked her up, I knew this was finally the right camp!!! I want her to fall, eat dirt, be in nature, get filthy, love all things & not be afraid. I don't ever want her to feel like she needs to be a 'cool girl,' I want her to be a kid. Thanks for taking her on this journey with you. We love Paths & Pages!" 

-Parent, Narimaya Teen & Tween Girl Program (Age 12) 

"This program is my daughter's favorite thing & you are her hero!!!" 

-Parent, Mindful Kids Program (Age 9)

"Our boys had the best day ever yesterday. So much so they begged us to go back again today (SUNDAY)! We have seen our boys thrive in nature & by being around you. You are a guide in so many ways. Thank you!"

-Parent, Mindful Kids Program (Ages 5, 7, 9 & 12)


"MY MAMA HEART IS EXPLODING! Our kids always come back so full & happy. My daughter (my youngest) came home to tell me about a question you asked about leadership. She proudly told me why she thought her oldest brother would make a great leader & how her other brother helped the youngest kid in the group today pack-up his backpack. Forever grateful for their days with you! They look forward to going for so LONG!"

-Parent, Mindful Kids Program (Ages 7, 9 & 11) 

TO: Paths  & Pages 

FROM: Some Amazing Kids

"I am so happy! Paths & Pages is so... I don't know how to explain it, but it feels warm when I am there." 

-Participant, Mindful Kids Program (Age 10)

"Last night, I was a little overwhelmed for some reason, so in my head, I called my spirit animals like you showed us at Paths & Pages. I just talked to them in my head & they said: 'be happy, be peaceful, be adventurous' Then after 5 minutes I said thank you & I felt a tingling feeling in my body. After that, I didn't feel overwhelmed anymore!"

-Participant, Mindful Kids Program (Age 11)

"You are an amazing, strong & powerful woman. You are a great role model for me & all other girls. You make me so proud of myself. You make me a better person. I love you!"

-Participant, Narimaya Teen & Tween Girl Program (Age 10)

"I love you so much & I am so grateful for everything you have done for me & taught me over the years. I can't even remember my life before we knew each other. THANK YOU!"

-Participant, Narimaya Teen & Tween Girl Program (Age 16)

"I am beyond grateful to have you in my life. You have helped me grow in knowledge & learn more about life. All the deep conversations have helped ready me for life challenges. Without Paths & Pages, I would not be prepared for middle school and I probably would never have had any of the discussions we have had at Paths & Pages. You are an amazing, kind, smart, caring & bold person. I am inspired by you every day. You always know how to cheer me up & you are so understanding. I feel safe & comfortable around you & I appreciate everything you do. I want to be like you when I get older. You are the sweetest, smartest woman or girl I have ever met & I love you very much." 

-Participant, Narimaya Teen & Tween Girl Program (Age 11)

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