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In ancient Sanskrit (the oldest of all human languages), Narimaya means "consisting totally of women.”


Narimaya provides a safe & sacred place for girls (& those who identify as girls) in middle & high school to feel seen, heard & accepted without judgment.

When girls gather for a common intention (the way our ancestors & elders did), magic happens. A portal of growth & learning opens: Girls step into their personal power as they explore feelings, share insecurities, process problems, develop lifelong skills & remember that we are never truly alone. 


Each gathering is limited to just 8 girls & is based on specific theme. Featuring: invitations to connect & share as well as intentional ceremonies, guided discussions, self-reflective journaling & relevant coping tools. 


"The letter my daughter wrote to me was so sweet & meaningful. It gave me the chills & brought tears to my eyes & we had a big hug & moment of understanding. This is just the kind of sweet accountability we need in relationships."

-Mom of Narimaya Attendee (Age 11) 

"I love you so much & I am so grateful for everything you have done for me & taught me over the years. I can't even remember my life before we knew each other. THANK YOU!"

-Narimaya Attendee (Age 16)

"I don't ever want her to feel like she needs to be a 'cool girl,' I want her to enjoy being a kid. Thanks for taking her on this journey with you."

-Mom of Narimaya Attendee (Age 12) 

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