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The Entrepreneurial Spirit Behind Paths & Pages

Dubbed a “child-whisperer” at a young age, Ashley began her journey with kids back in 1999, when she officially launched her first “Summer Camp” in her childhood front yard at just 10-years-old.  

Though her business has certainly changed since then, Ashley's gift has remained the same: she has an innate ability to genuinely connect with (& deeply understand) every child's unique way of being. She has consistently used this special gift throughout her life, working with kids of all ages for more than two decades.


Ashley knows how to meet kids where they are: conjuring up creative & imaginative ways to remind them how to trust themselves, lead with the heart & ultimately be seen & heard in the world.

In 2015, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue this mission: creating a comprehensive program that would fully support a child's social, emotional & spiritual development. Her goal was to build a nostalgic experience based on wholesome, old-fashioned, screen-free fun... and mix it with a curriculum designed to help kids navigate the trials & tribulations of just "being a kid." 

Utilizing mindfulness practices, eastern & western philosophies, reflective writing, creative expression, meaningful discussion, explorative outdoor play and all she's cultivated along the way, Ashley went on to pursue certification as a Youth Mindfulness Instructor, Breathwork Instructor, Wilderness Guide & Forest Therapy Guide.


She bought “Penny,” the program’s first official van and then all that was left was coming up with a name for this magical new idea…


Ashley woke up from a dream in the middle of the night and wrote “Paths & Pages” on a post-it note. It was perfect.



To help kids uncover their own special LIFE PATH

As they hike actual paths in nature & generate new neural paths in their brains



To help kids cultivate their own unique LIFE STORY

As they fill actual pages in their journals & generate a new guidebook for their lives



Paths & Pages, a Nature-Based Mindfulness Program, officially launched in April 2018 & has been growing ever since.


In 2022, to flow with the chaos in the world, Ashley added a Family Mentoring component to all Paths & Pages programs. Her goal is to help parents change family dynamics & clear negative patterns so they can more consciously support their kids (& themselves)! 

Ashley’s favorite part of guiding the mighty P&P tribe is being able to spend her life helping people she loves. 

When she's not changing lives, Ashley lives in DTLA with her partner (Michael) and two cats (Zeke & Cayden). She is originally from Buffalo, N.Y. (The City of Good Neighbors) and grew-up third generation Sicilian. Ashley loves hiking & being outside, watching live music and plays on a slow-pitch softball team. She volunteers as a youth tee-ball coach and Girl Scout Troop Leader





Please send your resume, a bit about yourself & why you want to join our tribe via email to

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