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Paths & Pages experiences are built on authenticity,

connection & community


Activities are designed to hit age-appropriate milestones in a child's social, emotional & spiritual development


The location is different every. single. session.


So is the curriculum

The kids choose the spot


Together we flow



Social & Emotional Well-Being

-Mindful Awareness & Guided Meditation

-Journaling & Reflective-Writing 

-Coping Tools for Stress & Anxiety

-Group Breathwork


Connection to Self & Others

-Mindful Communication & Problem-Solving

-Trust & Relationship-Building

-Conscious Conversation & Guided Discussion

-Live Role-Play Adventures

-Tribe Ceremonies & Rituals

Creative Expression 

-Nature Arts & Crafts

-Improvised Drama, Music & Dance

-Writing & Storytelling

Wild Living

-Edible & Medicinal Plants

-Local Plant & Animal I.D.

-Land History & Geography

-Ecosystems & Natural Synergy

Outdoor Skills

-Wilderness Safety & Survival, Tending the Land & Fire-Building

-Maps & Basic Orienteering, Knife Training & Outdoor Cooking

Physical Health 

-Active Outdoor Play

-Hiking & Swimming

-Yoga, Movement, & Dance

-Healthy Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices 

*Every session is completely different.

The topics listed above are guidelines.


Meet at the Drop-Off location: 

  • Look for the white nature van!

Opening Tribe Council Meeting : 

  • Choose location (we do not provide the location in advance, but we will drop a pin or send the address before we head out)

  • Develop team rules and expectations 

  • Set intentions for the day

Travel Together in adventure van to location: 

  • Journaling intro & writing opportunity

  • Van games & stories

Arrive at Selected Location: 

  • Location overview

  • Risk-assessment

  • Awareness & sense of place

  • Boundaries & expectations

  • Setup our "base camp"

​Free-Play with Guided Mindfulness Activities:

  • Kids direct the flow of the day & pursue paths that interest them

  • Curriculum is specially tailored to suit the needs of each individual child & the group as a whole 

Lunch / Snack: 

  • Everyone takes a break to rest, eat & drink

  • Re-apply sunscreen

  • Group expectations & safety reminder 

Additional Free-Play with Guided Mindfulness Activities: ​

  • Formal Group Discussion Circle

Closing Tribe Council Meeting: 

  • Guided meditation

  • Reflection of the day

  • Gratefulness activity

  • Debrief & Wrap-up

  • Closing remarks

Meet at the park for Pick-Up: ​

  • Thanks for an incredible day! 

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