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Live video sessions will take place via Zoom. Participants will need access to a microphone & camera and a pen/paper. 

Join our virtual circle for girls to build relationships, learn to understand themselves and find their tribe! This series will lead girls inward as they connect to each other through ideas about identity, self-love, and young womanhood. Each session will include guided visualizations, self-reflective journaling, and invitations to connect & share. (In Partnership with Sister Circles, a place for girls to build self-esteem & authentic connection)

Join us while we breathe through the chaos and scream into our pillows! Kids will deepen their meditation practice through the power of their breath. Using a special 3-step breathing technique mixed with an upbeat, familiar playlist, kids learn to process emotions in a fun way. Breathwork has been shown to reduce stress/anxiety, improve self-awareness and help kids develop resilience.

Join our virtual writing circle! As we develop, compose and share our own unique stories, kids will learn to navigate the magical world of imagination and storytelling. Each session includes a specialized writing lesson, approximately one-hour of writing time, fun group exercises and plenty of time to connect!

Do your kids love movies/TV? Join us while we explore the fundamentals of how to write a script, develop characters, and cultivate meaningful stories. Kids will also break down favorite films and T.V. shows and connect through group exercises. Each session will include one-hour of writing time and the series will culminate with an official table read!

Come connect with the tribe! We miss you! This is a space for kids to express themselves: however they're feeling right now. Drop-in whenever you want, leave whenever you want. Together we’ll “hang-out,” play old-school group games, reminisce about crazy Paths & Pages adventures past & party like it’s 1999! Wear something comfy, pull out the tent, make a blanket fort or just cuddle up in sleeping bags. It’s time to freestyle!

Join our virtual roleplaying game about storytelling in mystical worlds! These sessions are driven by imagination. It’s about picturing the towering mountain beneath the night sky and imagining how you, the fantasy adventurer, might react to the challenges of each scene. Each player will create a character and play as a team with other adventurers. Together we'll solve puzzles, battle monsters, practice magic and learn to work together! Players will roll dice to decide whether their actions.


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