Hi! I'm Ash, Paths & Pages Founder, DirectorFamily Mentor


I help parents build deeper trust & more meaningful connections with their children...


I specialize in kids who don't fit nicely or neatly into society.


Change is possible.

Let’s be real: If you knew how to change your family dynamic, you would do it!

Even if you read all the parenting books, follow all the instagram therapists & try all the suggestions… sometimes it takes a personal connection to help you identify triggers, work through options, develop an effective plan & make noticeable changes.


So if you’re ready to do the work, want to build strong relationships with your kids & change the vibes in your home, I’m ready to show you how.


Get support from someone who’s been there.

I manage up to 12 kids at once, alone in the wilderness, so I know chaos intimately.


I deeply understand the frustration, confusion & despair that is caregiving.


I also know what works (& what doesn’t) when it comes to helping kids manage big feelings, aggression, anxiety, sibling rivalry & meltdowns.


Since 2018, I’ve helped hundreds of children, teens & parents manage stress, improve connection & communication and find positive, respectful solutions to challenges at home.


Your child is not the problem.

“Bad behavior” most commonly reflects the disconnect between a child’s actual skills & the expectations/demands we put on them.


Challenging kids will always look “bad” if they’re pushed past their capacity to respond.


This is especially common in neurodivergent children: born with brains that think, learn & process information differently than others. Like me! :)


We should be celebrating these kids for who they are…  not setting unrealistic expectations or devising ways to change them.


It’s all about curiosity & understanding.

Sometimes, challenging behavior is the result of a child who isn’t getting their needs met.


In fact, most relationship challenges in our lives stem from not feeling completely seen, heard or validated.


I specialize in seeing life through your child’s eyes, getting curious about their experience & showing you how to “speak kid” again.


This deep connection & understanding allows me to put your child's behavior in context, identify what’s really going on underneath the surface & devise ways for you to more effectively communicate.

Let the ultimate transformation begin:


  • Straightforward, realistic & easy-to-implement strategies for your family’s social, emotional & spiritual growth

  • Calm, confident boundaries (without rewards, punishments or threats)

  • Focus on curiosity, connection & respectful communication

  • Encouragement, guidance, accountability & support

  • Careful listening, powerful questions & authentic questions

The most common issues I can help your family with:

  • Big emotions, tantrums & meltdowns

  • Boundary setting & limits

  • Managing anxiety & stress

  • Building self-esteem & autonomy

  • Minimizing sibling rivalry & conflict

  • Navigating friend drama & bullying

  • Discussions about puberty, sex & relationships

  • Surviving screen-time struggles

  • Understanding & addressing neurodivergent behaviors

  • More meaningful & connected family experiences




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  • Initial consultation call & powerful intake process (60 min)

  • Customized 4-week family plan with tangible milestones

  • Four Parents-Only mentoring calls on Zoom (60 min each)

  • One in-home family session (60 min)

  • One outdoor family session (60 min)

  • Four mini check-in calls (15 min) as situations arise

  • Weekly lessons, exercises & activities 

  • Daily affirmations / mini-tips

  • Unlimited access to customized resources & content

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